1 BTC = ~16626.02 USD (bitstamp.net)    1 USD = ~6014 Satoshis

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Bitcoin sites Dogecoin sites

Bitcoin sites: all 13 sites in the amount of ~2147 Satoshis

Dogecoin sites: all 8 sites in the amount of ~46 Dogecoins

Bitcoin sites Info Min Reward Time ref % Ready?
Swissadsp.. direct ~ 227 Satoshis 1 hour 25% Visit
Rocketbitc.. direct ~ 100+ Satoshis 1 hour 50% Visit
GOLDw.. direct 1 hour - Visit
Omux.. direct 1 hour - Visit
Bitcoinker direct Xapo ~ 100 Satoshis 1 hour 25% Visit
Freebitco direct ~ 600+ Satoshis 1 hour 50% Visit
Moonbit direct Xapo ~ 200 Satoshis 30 min. 50% Visit
AdBit direct ~ 250+ Satoshis 1 hour 50% Visit
Fieldbitcoin direct Xapo ~ 200 Satoshis 30 min. 50% Visit
Bee-Bit FaucetBox ~ 100+ Satoshis 1 hour 25% Visit
Flashbtc FaucetBox ~ 100+ Satoshis 2 hours 25% Visit
Bitcoinker FaucetBox Xapo ~ 100 Satoshis 1 hour 50% Visit
777bitco direct ~ 170+ Satoshis 1 hour 50% Visit

Bitcoin (bit - a unit of information «bit», coin - «coin») - is fundamentally different from other e-currency, established in 2009. Bitcoin - it is about the same electronic currency as PayPal, PerfectMoney or Qiwi. Exchange is possible in almost any online - exchanger.
How to make money from investing in Bitcoins:

Bitcoins are also known cryptocurrency. You can make money by investing in bitcoins and using it to purchase hashing power. You can think of hashing power as the number of people mining a rock to extract gold. The more the miners or hashing power, the quicker you get your gold, in this case the Bitcoin.
It is straight forward to start Bitcoin mining. Firstly you will need a Bitcoin Wallet. This will be like a real wallet and your Bitcoins will be kept in this. Create an account at Blockchain. Make sure you write down the mnemonic as you will lose your money if you forget your password. On your dashboard you will see a QR code and a BTC Wallet ID - a long string of numbers and letters. This is also known as your BTC Payout ID.
If you have a smartphone download the Blockchain app on your phone. It is strongly suggested you use Google Authenticator with your Blockchain Wallet and providers mentioned below but not necessary except for ZenMiner (see below).
Now create an account at ...., purchase the the amount of bitcoins you want to invest from the cheapest person, but make sure they have good feedback. 1 Bitcoin costs $200/$300 at today's rate, but you do not have to buy a whole bit coin. $20/$30 will buy you 0.10 Bitcoin approx. The usually payment method is by National Bank Transfer which is usually instant. Once you have paid the seller, mark the order as paid. The seller will then release your Bitcoin in to your LocalBtcoins profile and now you can withdraw to your Blockchain Wallet by sending it your Wallet ID/BTC Payout Link. Ensure you copy and paste it as if you send it to to an incorrect walelt you will never get it back. Now you can spread your investment between different providers to ensure security.
Provider: BTC Cloud currently offers the highest daily payout. Go to .... and create an account. Buy the amount of "GHS" you have enough bitcoins for. Then it will ask you to pay, open the app on your phone, click send, then the camera button and scan the QR code on your payment screen. Alternatively you can go to your Blockchain wallet on your computer and send the BTC to the BTC ID displayed on the payment page. Once you have paid, the screen will automatically display it as paid, and you can click the link back to Bitcoin Cloud Services. You will receive your first payout the next day at around 00:00 BST then daily.
You will see a BTC Address. From your Blockchain Wallet, Click on “Send Money” enter the BTC Address on the ZenMiner website, and send the relevant amount. I would recommend you round up to the next $10, but not necessary. This is to cover a nominal transaction fee. Once you have sent the payment, it can take up to an 24 hours, but usually is instantaneous. Once the payment shows on your ZenMiner account you can purchase the “Hashlet”. Once purchased click on “Miners” on ZenMiner and you will see your HashletGenesis. To the right of the page you will see a “Payouts” menu, and under “Bitcoin” you will see 3 icons, these are known as pools.
If you hover over them you will see the name of the pool beginning with “Genesis”. Drag and Drop any of the pools on to your Hashlet. Your Hashlet is now live and mining. You can click on the “Rates” tab and see the average payout for the last 24 hours for each pool, and you can change your “pool” to the highest payout.
You can also purchase the ZenHashlet and mine on the ZenPool under Altcoin. HashletGenesis is the only miner which can mine on 3 pools. They both have similar return of investment. In the next 36 hours you will get your first payment from ZenMiner, however it is not automatically sent to your Blockchain Wallet. Instead it is held on the ZenMiner website. To send the payout to your Blockchain Wallet, click on Balance, then click on the “-“ icon in the top right hand corner, enter the amount to withdraw, and enter your Blockchain Wallet address. You will then have to authenticate the transaction using the code from the smartphone app or a SMS sent to your phone. Once completed, the balance will be in your Blockchain wallet shortly. When withdrawing, due to transaction fees, withdraw $0.05 less than your balance. You may want to consider withdrawing on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis as the fee is per transaction.
Now once you have your Bitcoins in your wallet, you can head over to .... and sell them for normal money. You will have to send the BTC from your Blockchain wallet to LocalBitcoins before being able to advertise them to sell. Click on “Wallet” on LocalBitcoins and then you will see an address to receive bitcoins. Send the bitcoins from your blockchain wallet to this address. Then click on “Dashboard”, then click on “Create Advertisement” and create your sell advert. You can also use Bitcoins are some online retailers to purchase gift cards to spend in store.
*Due to stability of the Bitcoin you are not guaranteed to make a profit. Only invest what you can afford to lose, but do not invest everything you can afford to lose with one provider. I am not responsible if you make a loss. With the above two providers, if can take approximately 4 months to break-even.